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Microblading is a form of permanent makeup. A handheld instrument is used to make tiny hair like scratches on the surface of the skin. A pigment that matches your natural brow color is implanted into the skin for a beautiful natural looking brow.

Ombre / Powder Brow

Ombre brows are done using a machine. We start with a pre-numb to lessen the and discomfort. This technique creates a soft, beautiful, powdery look. It will take on more of a "make-up" look than a hair stroke appearance. This generally will last 2-5 years and is good for any skin type.

Combo Brow

This technique is one I find I do for most clients who request microblading. the combo brow is a mix of powder and hair strokes. The powder acts like a background to the hair strokes, giving the brow a more dense, naturally defined appearance.

Color Boost

This appointment should be made at least 6 months after your initial treatment to maintain the color of your tattooed brow/liner. With Microblading you will generally need a color boost one a year, whereas with Powder/Ombre you will most likely be able to wait 2-3 years.


This service can be done in a multitude of ways including w a handtool or a machine. Either way is pretty comfortable due to the pre-numb that I use. We will discuss your options at your appointment as to whether you want a thick line, a lash enhancement or even a wing. Price starts at $375 and up.

Touch Up

This session is also known as the "perfecting session" and will be done 6-8 weeks from your initial treatment. This is when we will tweak and areas of your brows where the retention may not have held.

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Frequently Asked


What is microblading? Microblading is a form of permanent makeup.. A handheld instrument is used to make tiny hair like scratches on the surface of the skin. A pigment that matches your natural brow color is implanted into the skin for a beautiful natural looking brow.

How long does it last? Although microblading is considered a form of permanent makeup. The pigment molecules will fade in around a year to 15 months. The pigment molecules will always live in the skin but will not always be visible which is why we have to use the term permanent makeup.

Is it painful? The skin is numbed using a mixture of lidocaine, tetracaine and benzocaine Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Some say they barely feel it, where others say it has its moments of being uncomfortable. If you have a hard time numbing for dental procedures, you may with microblading as well.

How much does it cost? In the big cities it can run up to $2,000. We keep our prices reasonable, consultations are typically required in order to provide a price based upon the work required. Come in for your free consult!

Healing time? You will need to wait around 4-6 weeks before seeing final results. Immediately after your brows are done they will look great! You shouldn't be swollen or even that irritated looking. The morning after your brows may have a reddish look due to inflammation under the pigment. They will look about 40% darker. Don't worry this will go away. Around day 5-7 you will start to peel. It will look very flaky in the brow area and chunks of pigment can come off at a time making brows look patchy. Under the areas where the scabs have came off it will look light! Almost like the scab took the pigment with it. DON'T worry! The pigment will return. By day 30 everything should look pretty good. They will be lighter than initially and some of the strokes may have not stuck which is why we include a touch up in the price. You must come back in 1-3 months for a touch up session. At that time we will address any pigment that didn't stick or thing that doesn't look right.

Who isn't a candidate? - Those with super oily skin, because the strokes will blur and appear almost like a powder brow. - Those on blood thinners or Retin-A. - Pregnant women or breastfeeding women. - If you have had Botox recently. Brows will be uneven after Botox wears off. It's important to wait till your Botox is gone before getting permanent makeup. -Those who tend to keloid.

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Five stars all the way! I did a lot of research before deciding where to get my microblading done, and I chose Erin based on the photos of her work, which I felt was far and away the best I found in my search. I was willing to travel to Philly or even NYC to get my brows back, but the best artist was right here in Rehoboth. My brows had thinned down to very sparse, uneven little half-brows. One session with Erin and my longed-for thick brows are back. She's thorough, patient, professional, and a true artist. She is the Queen of Brows!!

Genie Blake

Erin is amazing! Today she finally gave me the 15 minutes of each day back that I spend drawing on my light blonde brows...I finally have brows that match my hair! Erin was a sweetheart and even if I didn't love what she did (which I did!!!) I felt be honest and open during my appointment! Thanks again they are exactly how I pictured them!

Morgan McKenzie

I had my eyebrows micro-bladed by Erin, and the end result is absolutely beautiful!! Her talent and professionalism was exceptional throughout the entire process. I would encourage anyone who is considering any form of permanent makeup to speak with Erin before beginning with anyone else, as her knowledge and experience makes her the #1 choice in the area. It is refreshing to do business with such a kind and talented artist who is dedicated to providing perfection!!

Kathryn Hanlon

My eyebrows are better than I ever imagined they would be. Microblading is awesome and definitely worth it. I get to wake up with good eyebrows and don't have to spend nearly as much time in front of the mirror. And to top it off Erin is great! She's super nice, very professional, knowledgeable, available for any questions, and a true artist.

Cassie Snively


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