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Permanent Makeup: The Ultimate Solution to Sparse Brows

Did you know that eyebrows have the power to accentuate your eyes, shape your face as well as make you look younger? They can even completely change the way you look and feel about yourself. They are the most important feature on your face.

“The right brow will help open up the entire eye area and work to improve the face’s overall symmetry,” says celebrity eyebrow stylist Joey Healy. “The perfect brow will make you look fresh, rested, young, healthy, and overall, more attractive.”

But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with perfect brows. This is the reason why the queen of eyebrows treatments known as “permanent makeup” has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years.

Wondering what is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a tattooing technique in which a small, sharp handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to draw on strokes that mimic the appearance of real brow hairs. It is excellent for people who are not blessed with perfect eyebrows.

“Permanent Makeup is an increasingly popular (celebrity-endorsed) permanent cosmetic procedure, where we use a tiny handheld tool with ultra-fine little needles on the tips to manually implant pigment into the skin in the form ultra-fine hairstrokes,” says Liarna Jessica, an award-winning celebrity brow artist . “They look incredibly natural and simulate real hair.”

The amazing treatment is great for cancer patients who had gone through chemotherapy as well as lost a significant amount of brow hair.

The treatment typically lasts 1 to 3 years, depending on your skin type, lifestyle, age, sun exposure, & the products that you use.

“If you are happy with your permanent makeup, I recommend getting a touch up every one or one-and-a-half years to keep them full and fresh,” recommends Nicole Prochnow, a permanent makeup expert at Ulmer Dermatology in Long Beach, California.

However, you should avoid this treatment if you are pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy or taking medications such as blood thinners.

Microblading eyebrows expert team

Now let’s dive into the benefits of permanent makeup.

  • Permanent makeup will give you thicker, fuller, natural-looking eyebrows.
  • With permanent makeup, you will not have to worry about filling in your brows to make yourself look more pretty. Hence, you will have more time in the morning.
  • The treatment will also save you money as you will not have to spend on expensive brow pencils, brushes, powders, gels, & setting agents.
  • As permanent makeup doesn’t smudge or smear, you will be able to enjoy all the saunas, jacuzzies, swimming and working out without having to touch up your brows.
  • The entire process is very quick and simple and won’t hurt you. Your esthetician will use numbing cream and the entire process will be absolutely painless.
  • permanent makeup will not require any time for recovery.

Wondering how much permanent makeup will cost you? Well, the general price range of permanent makeup usually depends on your location & the experience of the artist & can range anywhere from $250–$1000.

And remember, your permanent makeup journey is not going to end with the treatment. To maintain the results, you will have to strictly follow the after-care instructions.

Permanent makeup Aftercare Tips

  • Avoid getting your brows wet during the first 7 days after your procedure.
  • Keep your hair away from your brow line.
  • Do not apply makeup for at least 7 days
  • Apply medicated cream provided by your technician as directed.
  • Avoid rubbing or picking at the scabs
  • Avoid steam room, saunas, swimming & sun bathing until the area is completely healed.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Avoid any activities that cause sweating for at least 2 weeks post procedure.

So, if you are interested in the procedure, contact Brow & Beauty Bar today!

Brow & Beauty Bar is one of the most trusted permanent makeup studios in Delaware committed to providing the very best in Permanent Makeup.

At Brow & Beauty Bar, we have a team of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers with best-in-class services. They can completely transform your look and boost your confidence with permanent makeup.

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