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Day 1-2

Swelling, tender, heavy, thick and bright lipstick appearance. You may experience discomfort in the lip area.

Day 3

Less swelling, pigment appears as a thicker texture. Exfoliation process may begin on this day.

Day 4

Exfoliation begins or continues from the third day. The lips have gone without moisture directly on the lip tissue. The pigment may exfoliate all or most by this day. Your lips will feel very chapped.

Day 5

Very chapped lip tissue; however, you are almost finished with the chapping state.

Day 6

You will begin to see a soft version of the color initially applied to your lips.

Day 7-13

Lip color disappears; a "frosty" stage begins. There may appear to be a whitish, grayish haze over the lip tissue. This will continue though day 13.

Day 14-29

Color "Blooms" from within more and more each day. This is the process of the hydrating elements in the pigments being dispersed throughout the body, and leaving natural pigment on the inside of the lip tissue.

Day 30

The healing is primarily complete. Although you may continue to see additional color changes based on your body temperature, (Less color when the body is cooler and more when warmer), the color you see now can be considered your permanent makeup color. Lips may remain dry for a month or two. Use a good lip balm and sunscreen and they will soon return to normal, but with a soft, noticeable color! Color under the skin is less dynamic than color on the skin (Lipstick). Lip color under the skin is enhanced by the light’s reflection of lip balms or clear ointments applied to the lips.


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