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Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Tint Stains

Hybrid brow tint is becoming more popular, but few people are yet to get familiar with the hybrid concept. If you are someone who loves to get their brows done, the hybrid brow tint treatment should be on your to-do list. But if you are wondering what makes hybrid tint so special in comparison to traditional tints, here is all you need to know.

What is a Hybrid Brow Tint?

The hybrid brow tint procedure is a crossover between the henna brow ring and the regular brow tint. It integrates the best of both to provide more long-lasting results.

These hybrid brow tints are available in an easy-to-work-with gel, cream, or paste formula that colors the brow hair and the skin. If you love the look of a soft ombre powdery brow makeup effect, then you need to opt for the brow tinting technique. However, if you are looking for a more intense, bolder effect, you can also get that using the hybrid brow tint technique.

Different brands offering hybrid brow tint may have slight differences which can affect the intensity of the procedure. Browcode is one of the leading brands that can allow you to customize the procedure to get the desired results.

How is it Different from the Classic Brow Tint?

A classic brow tint primarily focuses on tinting the hair and doesn't give a nice stain. Also, it does not fully penetrate your brow hair which reduces its longevity. The hybrid brow tint will provide you with a fuller and more defined look by staining the skin as well as the brow hair with more intensity.

It is closer to henna dye in terms of longevity and intensity. However, it offers more convenience than regular henna stains. Hybrid brow tints come with a more extensive range of shades and allow you to achieve more natural-looking results. It is also easier to use and the process can be completed faster than the regular henna brow tint procedure.

Benefits of Hybrid Brow Tint Treatment

Hybrid brow tint combines the benefits of a classic brow tint and henna brow tint. Some of the most notable benefits of using a hybrid brow time are:

  • It lasts longer than classic brow tint and henna brow
  • It gives more voluminous and fuller-looking brows
  • It is ammonia-free
  • It comes in a variety of shades that are customizable as well
  • It is gentle on the brow skin and hairs
  • It stains both the brow hairs and skin
  • It allows you to get more natural-looking and long-lasting results

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Hybrid Brow Tint?

Hybrid brow tint is a good option for anyone who wants to enhance their brows with instant volume and fullness. It will fill in all the sparse areas in your brow yet provide a natural look.

This treatment is great for any individual who:

  • Wants fuller and more defined brows
  • Wants to darken up naturally the light brow hairs
  • Want to enhance brow symmetry
  • Wants to fill all the sparse areas in the brows while having a natural look
  • Is afraid of undergoing brow tattoos because of the discomfort involved or the permanent results delivered
  • Faces an allergic reaction to henna

The hybrid brow tint from Brows Code works well even on oilier skin and sparse brows. This brow tint treatment is also safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women. However, it can increase their skin sensitivity which in turn can heighten skin irritation. It would be best for such women to consult a doctor first and then opt for this treatment.

The following people may avoid this treatment:

  • Faced an allergic reaction to the hybrid brow tint treatment's patch test
  • Have certain skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Had any recent eye surgery or eye infection
  • Have hypersensitive eyes or skin
  • Have a skin trauma or sunburn in the brow area
  • Have recently undergone any dermal fillers or botox
  • Is undergoing any cancer treatment, etc

How Long Will the Hybrid Brow Tint Last?

Hybrid brow tints last longer than other types of brow tints. It can stay on the brow-area skin for up to 10 days and on the brow hair for up to 6 to 7 weeks. However, the longevity of the treatment can vary depending on the aftercare, the properties of the brow hair of the client, and the brand used. The tint may fade faster on clients having oily skin than on clients with dry skin.

Key Takeaways

Browcode is a star product in the hybrid brow tint market that allows you to get extra-long-lasting and powerful brow stain results. It comes with an extensive variety of shades to suit the unique skin tones of clients and leaves no green undertones.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want perfectly stained brows that look natural, then it's time to opt for a hybrid brow tint treatment.

At Brow & Beauty Bar, we offer Hybrid Tint Stains at a highly competitive price! Our main goal is to give you fuller as well as more voluminous looking eyebrows!

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