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Now look picture-perfect around-the-clock with Permanent Makeup

Who doesn’t want to look fresh and flawless all the time? Looking picture-perfect all day long is every woman’s dream. That’s why women spend so much time applying and re-applying makeup. However, in this busy, fast-paced world, applying and reapplying makeup throughout the day can be a hassle. Moreover, regular makeup does not last long enough usually. This is the reason why the demand for permanent makeup is rising.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a revolutionary cosmetic technique in which colored natural pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of skin to enhance the facial features. The cosmetic technique is also used to cover birthmarks, stretch marks, age spots & uneven discolorations.

According to a New York Times article, permanent makeup first gained traction in the 1980s. It was originally developed to help people with alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss.

Now look picture-perfect around-the-clock with Permanent Makeup

How safe is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is absolutely safe if performed by a skilled, licensed and experienced aesthetician, and if the best quality pigments are used.

Who should opt for Permanent Makeup?

  • women who don’t want to apply makeup every morning
  • women who like to maintain their appearance even while swimming, exercising, and sweating
  • people with physical limitations or medical conditions
  • people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts or arthritis
  • women who have skin or makeup allergy
  • women who are tired of applying & reapplying makeup throughout the day
  • women who have oily skin that make makeup application quite difficult.

What are the main benefits of permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup will save you lots of time in the morning

If you struggle to find time to apply your makeup every morning, Permanent Makeup is your perfect solution! Permanent Makeup saves time by eliminating the need to apply makeup.

Permanent makeup does not smudge or fade like regular makeup.

If you are active in sports, permanent makeup might be what you need. With permanent makeup, your face will look picture-perfect even while you are playing, exercising or swimming.

Permanent Makeup can also save your valuable money

Makeup products are getting expensive day by day. That is why, today many women are choosing permanent makeup. By getting permanent makeup, you can remove your expensive makeup products from your shopping list and this way you can save your valuable money.

You will look and feel your best at all times

Looking beautiful and young at all times is every woman’s dream. But as we age, our lips look smaller, our eyelashes become sparser, as well as our eyebrows become thinner.

Luckily, with Permanent Makeup, you can look great around-the-clock and start your day with confidence knowing that you are looking picture-perfect.

Permanent makeup is great for people having makeup allergy

If you are allergic to conventional makeup & are unable to wear regular cosmetics, Permanent Makeup is the best solution for you! Permanent makeup will let you enjoy the look of makeup without worrying that you may have a breakout.

Why turn to Brow & Beauty Bar for Permanent Makeup?

Brow & Beauty Bar is one of the most popular permanent makeup studios in Delaware committed to providing the very best in Permanent Makeup.

At Brow & Beauty Bar, we are blessed to have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing them with top-notch services. Their ultimate aim is to help our clients enhance their beauty & boost their confidence.

So, if you are thinking to give permanent makeup a try, feel free to get in touch with us.

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